Collect emails, it’ll make you money they say.

How does it work though?

Can the email list from your old job make you money? Read on – you’ll soon find out what actually works, and what is considered SPAM. Yes, we hate spammers too.

💡 Email marketing is in fact, still the best and most cost-effective way of reaching the right audience.

What is Email Marketing

Marketing through E-mail. Sounds simple, but not easy – right?

Ever noticed random people reaching out to you for promotional products? or possibly in your “promotions tab” – well, that’s one form of email marketing!

Companies use this form of marketing to let customers know about offers, products and services that are being offered. Effective marketing can convert prospects into loyal customers or into hate-fans. Tread lightly

Quick Tip!

It’s strongly advised to have a web-presence in some way before starting your online business. Ask yourself this, would you ever buy from someone who doesn’t have a website, or even social media handle?

Didn’t think so.

Why is E-Mail Marketing Important?

According to recent statistics, every dollar you spend on email marketing, generates a revenue of $42.

Believe it or not, Emails can help you build a personal relationship with your customers and keep them looped in with any update you’d like them to know about.

Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

This is all you need to know for the time being – let them sink in.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is extremely budget friendly. You can send a high number of emails for a very low price. If you are a budding startup and cannot pay hefty sums of money for your advertisement and marketing campaigns, email marketing is your perfect option.


Another great benefit of using emails as your marketing tools is that they are extremely simple to use. You do not have to design everything to send to your customers. There are numerous online platforms available that can devise the perfect email and send to your prospective and regular customers.

High reach

Since a large number of people regularly use email platforms, it can be a perfect way of reaching your customers. There are around 3.9 billion email users today, that means, you can reach more than half of the world population with your emails!

Targeted Emails

Email marketing also allows you to send targeted emails. Every user group has different requirements. You can divide your users into categories and send them emails according to their preferences. For instance, people who are looking to buy your product and people who have already bought your product, will be approached differently.

Types of E-Mail Marketing

There are two major types of email marketers. Knowing both is important to your business.

Bulk Mailers

Bulk Mailers or spammers collect and buy people’s emails from third party vendors and send them promotional emails to improve your traffic. They can also get a commission on the number of clicks they get per email. This strategy is mostly used by affiliate marketers.

Straight Marketers

This category caters to sending emails only to the people that have subscribed to your marketing lists. The emails are addressed towards the people that are interested in your product only – so there is a high change of making a sale per email.


Running a profitable online business takes patience, and accurately placed building blocks. You’ve learnt the basics of E-Mail Marketing, but we’ll dive deeper in the upcoming blogs.

To recap;

Email marketing is a perfect way of reaching your customers easily. It is simple and offers high exposure to your prospective customers. Today, around 75% of adults prefer email marketing over other strategies.

Later on, you’ll be able to segment your audience and define your objective through different factors; demographics, location, gender and age which can give you a more definite result!

Stay tuned – we have a lot to cover.